Our resident web portal offers the opportunity to pay rent online, submit work orders, view a community message board, and to update account information. When paying online, you have the option to make a one-time payment or to enroll in automatic payments. To create an online account, you will need your 1. email address as registered with the office; and 2. account number. Please contact the office if you need to confirm your email address, account number or have any other questions.

Online payment via ACH is free. The convenience fee for payments via credit or debit card is 3.5% at Goldelm managed properties. We recommend that our residents pay by check or ACH. Convenience fees are necessary to cover the costs imposed on us by credit card companies such as Visa and American Express. Electronic payments for Goldelm managed properties are securely processed by PayLease.

Setup Automatic Payments

  1. Log into Tenant Web Access
  2. Choose make a payment.
  3. Enter the amount of your payment and choose Checking or Savings Account as your payment type
  4. Once you have entered your account and billing address information, Check the box next to Store as saved payment information
  5. Process the payment as normal
  6. Click on the gear shaped icon in the top right corner of your Tenant Web Access page and scroll down to Saved Payment Information
  7. Click on the Enable automatic payments button
  8. Choose what day of the month you want the payment to be deducted
  9. Select payment type: balance due or specific amount
  10. Check the box next to the disclaimer notice
  11. Click on Save auto payment settings


While the preferred method for paying rent is online via ACH, we understand that some residents prefer to pay through other means. Accordingly, Goldelm is pleased to accept cash payments made at over 25,000 retail locations nationwide through CheckFreePay. Certain participating CheckFreePay locations, including most Walmart and Kmart stores, are also able to accept debit cards. Please check with your community’s leasing office to get your CheckFreePay account code.

While paying online via ACH is free, CheckFreePay has a $4 convenience fee per transaction. Thus we recommend that you pay via ACH.